What We Do

Find out how UNICEF fights for the rights of every child, every day, across the globe.

UNICEF’s work

UNICEF works in 190 countries and territories to save children’s lives, to defend their rights, and to help them fulfil their potential. And we never give up.

UNICEF for every child.

Child protection and inclusion

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Child safety through protection and inclusion

UNICEF works to improve the policies and services that protect all children. We aim to make the world a safe and inclusive place for children to grow.

Explore our child protection and inclusion initiatives

Child protection
Children with disabilities
Communication for Development
Environment and climate change
Gender equality
Social inclusion

Child survival

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Helping children to survive and thrive

Child mortality has decreased globally. UNICEF works to make sure solutions reach all children, everywhere.

Explore our child survival initiatives

Early childhood development
WASH: water, sanitation and hygiene


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Education is the key to opportunities

UNICEF believes that quality education is a right for all children, whether in the developing world or amidst conflict and crisis.

Explore our education initiatives 

Children with disabilities
Early childhood development
Emergencies and other humanitarian action
Gender equality
Innovation in education

UNICEF in emergencies

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Responding to emergencies

Wherever there is a crisis, UNICEF strives to reach children and families in the hardest hit regions with lifesaving resources.

Explore our emergency initiatives 

Emergencies and other humanitarian action
Humanitarian Action for Children


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Creating change for women and girls

UNICEF fights for the equal rights of women and girls, with their full participation in political, social and economic development around the world.

Explore our gender initiatives

Gender equality
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Innovation for children

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Creating the world that children deserve

UNICEF believes that the complex challenges children face can be met with innovative, creative solutions backed by rigorous research.

Explore our innovation initiatives

Emergencies and other humanitarian action
Innovation at UNICEF
Innovation in education

Supply and logistics

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Supplying solutions in the field

UNICEF works to provide and transport critical medicine, aid and supplies to the world’s most needy children.

Explore our supply and logistics initiatives

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Research and analysis

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Data and field work driving action

UNICEF’s global programmes and initiatives are grounded in rigorous research and thoughtful analysis. See how data can create a path forward.

Explore our research and analysis initiatives


Data, research and analysis
Learning and knowledge exchange
UNICEF Office of Research: Innocenti