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UNICEF is the world’s leading advocate for children’s rights. Explore our progress across the 190 countries and territories where we are on the ground for the good of children.

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UNICEF's regional offices help coordinate ongoing work and initiatives with the country offices

East Asia and the Pacific

Region highlights
A diverse region, with some of the world’s most dynamic economies as well as its least developed countries. Great progress for children, with areas of great need and new challenges, including climate change.

Eastern and Southern Africa

Region highlights
A diverse region with some of the world’s poorest countries as well as richer countries where progress meets striking inequalities. Challenges include the impact of conflict and natural disasters.

Europe and Central Asia

Region highlights
Great transformations over the past decades, and great gains for children. Those living in poverty, in rural areas, and ethnic minorities like the Roma have a harder time realizing their rights.

Latin America and Caribbean

Region highlights
The world’s most unequal region, huge progress has improved the lives of many children, but left behind others, including children living in poverty and those of African or indigenous descent.

Middle East and North Africa

Region highlights
Marked by disparities, with some of the world’s richest countries and others contending with widespread poverty and conflict. Inequities based on wealth, gender, and residence leave many children vulnerable.

South Asia

Region highlights
Countries in South Asia have made impressive gains for children, but there are huge disparities. Millions of children contend with poverty and discrimination due to gender or ethnicity.

UNICEF’s National Committee countries

Region highlights
National committees work locally to promote children’s rights, raise funds to support UNICEF’s work, and provide visibility to children’s issues worldwide.

West and Central Africa

Region highlights
Children in West and Central Africa have their rights violated on daily basis to an extreme extent. They die from malaria, diarrheoal diseases and vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles.

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